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Fresh out of Keats

Hampstead’s top 5 hair do’s

We have had the pleasure to revamp, transform, style and now profile a number of ladies and gents across Hampstead. Here’s our pic of our fav do’s (we do love you all however lol) …..


1. Kicking things off with a rose

Bob hairstyles are seriously popular if you’re looking for a hair update. It’s one of the classic haircuts that never seems to go out of fashion, and there are a number of modern takes to the style that includes of the ‘lob’. We loved creating this 60’s style graduated choppy lob, with rose gold colours finely woven into the ends . Kylie Jenner rocked this colour earlier in the year and it left hairdressers over the world busy recreating the look and rightly so. Rose gold is a stunning shade that adds a touch of daring colour to the palette and perfect for those who want to try out a new shade that is a step away from the more traditional colours. Who else loves this look with added bangs for extra impact…



2. Farrah Fawcett has a modern makeover

Farrah Fawcett’s hair quite possibly started the feathered-revolution when she was kicking butt on Charlie’s Angels in the 70’s. People will forever talk about Farah Fawcett’s hair and rightly so. It was feminine and the layers were simply genius. We recreated the iconic 70’s look for a client and the results were amazing. A timeless hairstyle that is suited to most face shapes. The key to this look is to match the feathering around the face shape to accentuate key features specific to your face. For this client, feathering was more dramatic to the cheekbones to break up the face and bring focus to her chiselled cheeks





3. Up Up and away… We love an up do!

Our client wanted to have a sleek and sophisticated style for an event she was attending later that evening. We opted to create a stunning low bun with a deep side parting that swept her long fringe to the side. Hair was back combed slightly for added volume at the top of the head and to bring an extra ‘glam’ element to the style. The result, is evident, a stunning sleek style that simply screen glamour and sophistication.





4. Balayage at its finest…

Ok, we will give you a minute to catch your breath with this look………. Are you back now? Good. Yes, this is what you call an absolutely stunning Balayage created by our stylist Milena. Balayage looks its best when contrasting colours are blended and mixed together. Colours should be transcending from dark to light, gradually with no harshness, which Milena created perfectly.





5. Mid length bob, with waves…

Our client wanted a low maintenance style that would suit her hectic lifestyle as a mother to a two year. As other mummy’s will be able to relate to, time is precious when there are youngsters about. Therefore, in order for our mummy to still be a ‘yummy mummy’ we created a stunning wavy mid-length chop that is easier for her style and maintain. A stunning look which we absolutely love!.

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